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K Z   M U S I K CD- Encyclopedia of Concentrationary Music CD Releases Volumes 7-12

04 29, 2009

Compact Disk- Encyclopedia of concentrationary music literature (1933-1945) releases volumes nr.7-12.

KZ Musik is the most up—to—date and complete CD–Encyclopedia (4,000 works ca. on recording) of concentrationary music including lyric, symphonic, chamber, instrumental, piano, vocal and choir, cabaret, jazz, religious, folk and traditional music, most presented in fragments or pieces reconstructed after the WWII. All the music was composed between 1933, when concentration Camps such as Dachau and Börgermoor opened and 1945 in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Northern and Colonial Africa, USA and Canada.

The music was composed by those who were imprisoned, deported, murdered and some who survived. The musicians came from a wide range of national, social and religious backgrounds, as well as from different circumstances of imprisonment, transit, labour, concentration, extermination, POW, Oflag, Stalag Camps and the military jails of Germany, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Salò, the Vichy regìme and other Axis countries, along with jails in Great Britain, France, USSR and other Allies countries.

KZ Musik is the result of extensive research by the Author of the whole CD-Encyclopedia, the Italian pianist Francesco Lotoro.

Each KZ Musik CD booklet (in Italian, English, German, French, Hebrew languages) contains a profile of the Authors, their works and the Camps where the music was composed, as well as brief critical notes and lyrics regarding to vocal and choir music.

K Z   M U S I K, CD-volumes nr.7-12

Project & researches Francesco Lotoro, Bibl. intern.le della musica concentrazionaria Barletta .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Artwork Membran A&R Development GmbH

Licensed from Associazione Musikstrasse Roma   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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