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August Symposium Videos Now Online

09 20, 2014

On August 9 and 10, 2014, The Ziering-Conlon Initiative for Recovered Voices at The Colburn School hosted a symposium entitled “Music, Censorship and Meaning in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union: Echoes and Consequences.”

Video recordings of nearly every session from the symposium have now been uploaded to a designated YouTube channel and may be accessed via the following link.  To locate the beginning of a particular paper within each video, consult the video descriptions for timings. For further reference, the entire symposium schedule also follows.


Saturday, August 9

Sel Kardan (President and CEO of The Colburn School) James Conlon Robert Elias Welcome and Opening Comments

Michael Haas “Towards Humanity, Away from Ideology”

Barbara Milewski “Forbidding Forbidden Songs: Poland's Controversial First Postwar Feature Film”  

20-minute coffee break for all attendees

Bret Werb “Censorship, Sabotage and Self-Subversion in the Yiddish Shoah Song.”

Derek Katz

“Die Politik ist ganz vergessen in Kalumba: The Comedian Harmonists—Recordings, Repertoire and Restrictions”

Short Break



Lily Hirsch
“Righting and Remembering Past Wrongs: Music Suppressed by the Nazis in American Concert Performance”

James Conlon (5 pm) “The Oblique Censor: Contemporary Challenges in Programming Lesser-Known Works”  6-8 pm Dinner Break/Reception

8:15-9:45 pm “I Heard the Wild Geese” Recital, reading and mini-symposium on translating Chinese into Czech and English, and translating music into words. Featuring: Bill Porter (Red Pine), author and translator; Fred Melamed, actor: Professor Michael Beckerman; and including a performance of “Four Songs on Chinese Poetry” written in Terezin by composer Pavel Haas.  


Sunday, August 10

Alex RossParsifal in the Third Reich” (Video not posted)

Christopher Hailey “Between Accommodation and Self-Censorship: Universal Edition in the Thirties”

Patricia Hall “Alban Berg’s 'Guilt' by Association.”

Kenneth Reinhard “Recovering Moses und Aron”

1-2:15 pm Lunch Break

Michael Beckerman and James Loeffler ”In Memory of Our Murdered (Jewish) Children: Mikhail Gnesin and the Holocaust in Soviet Music,” featuring a performance of Mikhail Gnesin“s Piano Trio, Op.63

Edna Stern, pianist Commentary and Performance Beethoven: Piano Sonata Number 8 in C Minor, “Pathétique” Karel Reiner: Sonata Number 2, Opus 35 Beethoven: Piano Sonata Number 23 in F Minor, “Appassionata” Gideon Klein: Piano Sonata  

Professor Michael Beckerman Concluding comments