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‘Golden Stars’ Awards for 2009

12 28, 2009

Exilarte Vienna, Voix Ètouffèe Paris and Zentrum Verfemter Musik in Schwerin/Rostock have been awarded the ‘Golden Stars Award for 2009’ on December 16th by the European Commission's programme: “Europe for Citizens”. The award was made for the named organisations' work in bringing back the compositions and names of composers who were exiled or murdered during the NS years by means of concerts, performances, work-shops and round-tables, involving over 1000 young people and 5000 concert visitors. 

The ‘Golden Stars’ are the official annual recognition of projects funded under the Europe for Citizens programme, which aims at engaging citizens in the construction of the EU. Since its launch in 2007, this programme has mobilised close to one million direct participants each year, giving them a chance to reflect upon their common identity through discovering cultural differences and similarities with citizens from other parts of Europe. With town twinning exchanges, trans-European civil society and remembrance projects the Europe for Citizens programme strongly contributes to the creation of European public space and active European citizenship. 

Following a selection made earlier this year, the European Commission awarded 8 projects with the ‘Golden Stars of active European citizenship’ in a ceremony taking place in Brussels on December 16, 2009.  The ceremony was preceded by an EU conference, which provided an opportunity to debate the issue of civic participation through volunteering and the difference it can make in Europe.

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