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Recovered Voices Symposium 2014 at The Colburn School
Recovered Voices Symposium 2016 at The Colburn School
“I Remember Gideon Klein”- Testimony

Holocaust Music Testimony of Terezin Composer. Holocaust survivor, George J. Horner, remembers Gideon Klein.

“Music from Theresienstadt” by Daniel Hope

The latest short film, entitled “Music from Theresienstadt,” features mezzo Anne Sofie von Otter and friends, as they tour Europe together performing music which was suppressed by the Nazis.

A Concert of Music by Ernst Krenek: In honor of his 80th birthday (April 18, 1980)

A recording of a concert given in celebration of Ernst Krenek’s 80th birthday, on April 18, 1980 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and sponsored by the Goethe Institute. Charles Boone, who studied with Krenek, introduced the composer

A Tribute to Erich Wolfgang Korngold

The copyright to the rare images of Erich Wolfgang Korngold all belong to ‘The Brendan G Carroll Collection’ and if anyone wishes to use them, they must request permission. These requests may be sent to:

“A collection of unique photos of Erich Wolfgang Korngold accompanying a rare test recording of TOMORROW - in its chamber version - for the film THE CONSTANT NYMPH with Sally Sweetland dubbing Joan Fontaine, and the ensemble comprising Louis Kaufman (violin) Eleanor Aller (cello) and Korngold himself at the piano. This recording is a test and differs somewhat from the final version that appears in the film, where the opening lines of the first verse are spoken by Charles Boyer. The film was never shown due to complex copyright issues. Korngold is pictured here from age 4 until his last photo age 60, with several showing him at the piano, and with famous colleagues such as Max Reinhardt, Jascha Heifetz and Bette Davis, as well as his wife Luzi and his parents Dr Julius & Josephine Korngold. The last photo shows his grave in Hollywood with a facsimile of his autograph of the Mariettalied from the opera Die tote Stadt.”—Brendan G. Carroll

Arnold Schoenberg Statement by Ernst Krenek

Composer Ernst Krenek (1900-1991), pupil of the Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951), is talking about his teacher.

David Fanning talks about Mieczyslaw Weinberg
Eric Zeisl:  His Life and Music

Transcript of a twelve-hour interview completed under the auspices of the UCLA Oral History Program and the UCLA School of Law. Zeisl recalls her and her husband’s life in Vienna; his musical education; details of his compositions and teaching; their émigre life; and settling in California.

Ernst Krenek talks about “Johnny spielt auf”
Glenn Dicterow on Korngold’s Violin Concerto

The New York Philharmonic’s concertmaster, Glenn Dicterow, discusses his February 2008 performance.

James Conlon [Brandeis] Lectures on Composers Silenced During Holocaust

James Conlon, music director of Los Angeles Opera, visited Brandeis on Nov. 17, 2008 to speak about his project “Recovered Voices,” which celebrates and revives the music of composers silenced during the Holocaust.

Morning Concert: The Music of Berthold Goldschmidt (July 21, 1992)

Charles Amirkhanian explores the life and music of Berthold Goldschmidt (b. 1903). Goldschmidt is a German born composer who emigrated to England when Hitler came to power. There he existed in the margins of the musical world until his work was discovered by a number of younger composers in the early 1980s. He then experienced a sort of renaissance in which his works were performed and recorded, and also during which he composed a number of new works. This program includes a telephone interview with the 89 year old composer from London as well as interviews with a number of his relatives that live in the Bay Area.

Recovered Voices: Operas Suppressed by the Nazis- Jewish TV Network

LA Opera Music Director James Conlon presents “Recovered Voices,” operas suppressed by the Nazis. The operas include the U.S. Premiere of “The Broken Jug” by Viktor Ullmann & West Coast Premiere of “The Dwarf” by Alexander Zemlinsky.

Segment from Entartete Kunst in Music—Korngold’s Das Wunder der Helian

Extract from documentary, “Entartete Kunst in Music,” features Korngold’s Das Wunder der Helian, as well as provides clips of musical scene of Germany in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Additionally, this extract includes brief interviews with Berthold Goldschmidt, John Mauceri, and Norman Lebrecht.

Weinberg: Short Televised Clip [in Russian]

Televised clip “Culture” about a concert in Rachmaninoff Hall, Moscow Conservatory that took place in January 20, 2009. [In Russian Language]

What Happens When Art Collides with Its Society? A Lecture by James Conlon

James Conlon, Music Director of the LA Opera, is one of todays preeminent conductors. He has cultivated a vast symphonic, operatic and choral repertoire. In this lecture, Conlon discussed how compositions and performances were affected by the rise of Nazism and the events of World War II and looked at parallels in societies around the world today. The event was organized by the USC Thornton School of Music as part of Visions and Voices: The USC Arts and Humanities Initiative, and was held on October 13, 2008, at Bing Theatre.