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How to Use this Site

The OREL Foundation web site has been designed to serve the needs of musicians, academics and music lovers interested in the music of composers whose works were suppressed during the Nazi era in Europe (1933-1945) and who then were, in many cases, cast aside, as history, music composition and tastes rolled onward after World War II.

This site is designed, first and foremost, to be useful. Musicians may search for repertoire specific to their instruments; programmers may locate works for various instrumental configurations and genres; students of twentieth-century music history may find references to people, places and terms. Further, performances of works by any of the twenty-four featured composers may be found in the “Performance Calendar,” which in addition to indicating upcoming performances, also serves as an archive of past ones.

The primary tool for utilizing the site is the “SEARCH THE WEBSITE” tab on the left side of the home page. By accessing the “Advanced Search” function, users may focus their searches by “works” or “recordings” or “calendar” or any other listed category.


A search for “string quartet” in the “works” category will yield approximately 100 such compositions.

A search for “Schreker” in the “calendar” category will yield more than 140 recent and upcoming performances of works by the composers all over the world. (Note: Utilizing the dedicated search function within the calendar section may also be used to identify performances by country as well.)

The site is also designed for research and general understanding. Each of the biographical essays (along with their bibliographies, discographies, works lists) have been specially commissioned by The OREL Foundation and are written by scholars in the field, as are all the wider-focus articles in our “Articles and Essays” section.

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